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High Solar - Phoenix

SolarGro Phoenix

Anne Getz
East Peoria, IL

"Call it my guilty pleasure, or call it practical. Either way, I absolutely love my Phoenix greenhouse from Charley's. In the Midwest, our winters can be brutal, but because of the solid north wall (most winter winds are out of the north) my plants are cozy and happy. It is for me a four season gardener's paradise. I stage transplants to it in the spring, and transplant any remaining vegetables into it in the late fall (beets, onions, carrots, etc.) where they continue to grow for harvest all winter long. During the summer, I put pots in the greenhouse under the automatic watering system when we go on trips, and they are fine when I return. In the dead of winter with my gas heater keeping the temperature above 50 degrees, I over winter my blooming pots so I save money in the spring by not having to buy all new plants. It also provides me with many fresh vegetables as I have a long Rubbermaid sheep trough under the south windows in which tomatoes, okra, peppers, lettuce and spinach grow happily. Because it was built on a block foundation, the added height makes it seem spacious. IT can be zero outside on a cold sunny day, but I'm in shirtsleeves tending my babies in 80 degree weather in my wonderful greenhouse".


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